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Your wedding dress is more than just an article of clothing-it's a symbol of the promises you and your spouse made on your wedding day. Each time you see your wedding dress, you'll remember the feelings you had on that special day when you both said I do.

If you want to save your wedding dress for your daughter, or her daughters, contact Linda's Bridal Images & Mr. Tux today. We're an authorized Wedding Gown Preservation dealer. You trust us to keep your dress in mint condition for years to come. With this service, customers are welcome to drop off their wedding dress directly at our bridal store in Helena, MT or use the shipping method outlined below. Gloves, veils and other wedding accessories may also be preserved along with your gown. Call 406-442-4982 now for more details about our wedding dress preservation services.

Take a look at our wedding dress preservation process

Linda's Bridal Images & Mr. Tux Wedding is proud to partner with Wedding Gown Preservation-their process is simple, which makes preserving your wedding dress a carefree experience. When you sign up, you'll:

  1. Receive a preservation kit with a box, shipping labels, bag and tie.
  2. Mark areas on the dress that need special care.
  3. Wrap the dress in the bag and place it in the box with any other items you'd like preserved.
  4. Place the shipping label on the box and take it to your nearest UPS store.
Once Wedding Gown Preservation receives your dress, they'll clean, repair and store it in a beautiful preservation box. Once packed, your dress will be shipped back to you and backed with a 100-year preservation guarantee. We provide shipping insurance on all Wedding Gown Preservation orders

You're also welcome to bring your dress to our bridal store in Helena, MT and we'll take care of the entire process for you! Regardless of what method you choose (direct shipping or store drop off), the total cost will be $225.

Why Choose To Preseve Your Wedding Dress?

Why Choose To Preseve Your Wedding Dress?

"I own my mother's wedding dress and it is one of my most treasured possessions.You may not think of someone down the line wanting it [wedding dress] that far in advance, but I would give anything to have that dress. Not necessarily to wear - my mom's was kelly green - but just to own a piece of my past. "- Linda, Owner

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