Venue - Marysville House
Wedding Dress - Casablanca Bridal, Linda's bridal Images
Bridesmaid dresses - Jasmine JB, Linda's Bridal Images
Men's wear - Jim's Formalwear, Linda's Bridal Images
Photography - Kindzerski Photography
Flowers - Mikala's Mom Julie Rotar

Mike and Mikala met online, you know through one of those "apps", and of course Mike thought Mikala was way out of his league. The only thing he could think of to open a conversation with Mikala was to comment on her dog, Nala who is the love of her life. It worked.
Marysville holds a special place in Mikala's family's hearts. It was the place that her grandpa loved to take his family and special dignitaries to when they were in town (Mike did not know this). Mike asked Mikala to go on a date, guess where he planned to take her? Yep, Marysville House! He heard about this place from his roommate at the time. Mikala took it as a sign, it was simply meant to be!
Mikala and Mike's wedding date and future anniversary date is the day they actually met (in real life) April 27th, 2019. Crazy!
Only one month after meeting, Mikala went with Mike on a cross country jaunt to Georgia (I know she got a little cray cray), but she didn't die, and they fell in love.
Halloween has always been one of Mikala's very favorite holidays, so Mike planned to propose to Mikala on Halloween, with a pumpkin! And of course, she said yes!
Along with the theme of Marysville being so important in Mikala's family, as well as their first date being at Marysville house, they also had their engagement photos taken there. Marysville will always hold a special place in their hearts.