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Chantel & Kyle

Chantel & Kyle

Kyle & I met the summer of 2010 after his family had moved into our church branch in Boulder. “Finally, there’s a cute boy in the branch!” I thought. Kyle started into his sophomore year at Jefferson High, & immediately caught the attention of one of the football coaches. He became the star kicker on the team. I was a varsity cheerler. Every day after practice Kyle would drive me home in the Green Bomb, the old Buick LeSabre. I was a love-struck teenage girl that’s for sure! Shortly thereafter, after a sneaky getaway, he became my first kiss. Silly me! I was head over heels back then, but we had our separate lessons to learn before we could be together for life.

Seven years passed, although our families had stayed friends, I hadn’t heard much from Kyle. Yet, he always held a sweet spot in my heart throughout those years. I was living in Utah, working & trying to find mister right but only found mister wrong, over & over again. I got an interesting call from my mother one afternoon, hinting to get in touch with Kyle again. A month later, I came home for a short visit. Kyle & I both volunteered for a school field trip where we were able to rekindle old flames out on the snowy slopes. I made the decision to move home after that one weekend, & I’m so grateful I did.

Now most gentlemen bend to the knee when they proposed, however Kyle is much more dramatic for such things. Instead, he decided to take an afternoon ride on his dirt bike which nearly paralyzed him (literally), but by the grace of God, it didn’t. I was the first to arrive at the hospital & he repeatedly announced to the emergency nurses, “I LOVE HER! I LOVE MY CHANTELLY! I NEED HER!” He was prepped & flown to Great Falls Benefis that same afternoon of the accident. The following morning he went into surgery to remove the bone fragment pushing on his spinal cord, & fuse 8 vertebrates together. Miraculously, he gained full feeling back into his legs.

When he came to in the ICU, I was holding his right hand. He was a bit dazed, but coherent. He struggled to talk with the breathing tube still intact. He then looked at me with love in his eyes, & mouthed the two little words, “Marry me?”
Our biggest triumphs came within the week that followed the proposal as I learned how to tenderly care for Kyle & get ready to become his personal in-home care assistant for next six months.
The wedding planning began promptly after the holidays, & life started to feel “somewhat” normal again. I began working at Linda’s Bridal Images & Mr. Tux, & what a blessing it has been! Linda helped above & beyond with our wedding. I loved the gown I wore & all the men looked dashingly sharp in their grey tuxes.

A million friends & family came together the night before the big day to help with all the little details. I felt like a kid trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve the night before the big day. The morning air felt a little different knowing my life was about to be changed forever. Upon arriving to the hall, my maid of honor helped me slip into my wedding gown seconds before the ceremony began. I walked out to see my Dad holding my bouquet & the lineup ready to go. There are millions of seconds throughout our lives that seem to fly by in an instant; this was not one of them. It was as if the gates of heaven had opened up for a moment to stop time in its place as I gazed down the aisle to see my sweet love weeping tears of joy at the sight of his baby boy walking down the aisle with Grandma by his side, followed by his beautiful bride.The three of us are living happily ever after in Boulder MT