December Featured Bride



It all stared in the 8th grade in 2004. When Ashley was attending a basketball game of Koleman’s with his cousin Sydnee. And of course as Koleman says he was the stud of the team. Ashley and Sydnee went to talk to Koleman to wish him luck on his big game. Ashley couldn't resist and had to tell Koleman how attractive he was! After that Koleman and Ashley were in and out of each other’s lives as acquaintances.

In the fall of 2014 they ran into each other at a local watering hole. Again, Ashley got his attention yelling at him for a shot of water. The night led into some dancing and catching up! That next day Koleman and Ashley went on their first official date. The rest is history!

They lived in Helena for 8 months together before moving to Gillette WY. Their date nights consisted of going to toy stores and letting their inner child shine through! They also traveled around Montana, spending time with their family and friends. Whether it was playing basketball, golfing, hiking or just hanging out at home they had fun doing whatever together.

In June of 2015 they moved to Gillette WY. Koleman got a job promotion at Universal Athletic. This was the first time they had really ever been that far away from family and friends. All they had was each other. They traveled even more now to new locations! South Dakota, Colorado, and of course Montana. They went on many adventures together and met a lot of new lifelong friends along the way.

On October 7th, Koleman and Ashley traveled back from Gillette WY to celebrate Koleman’s 25th birthday. He told her they were having a get together with family and friends. So they all got together and decided to go for a family drive. They went up to Park Lake and started walking around the lake and Ashley saw a pallet that said “Ashley Lyn will you marry me?” And of course Koleman was down on one knee. Koleman even planned an engagement party right after the proposal!

Ashley and Koleman were married September 30th at Kleffner Ranch, a beautiful historic ranch in Helena, MT. Ashley said the day was magical!