Love is an Adventure

Todd is from the mountains of Montana and I am from the heat of Texas. Two people from opposite worlds and opposite places on the map met because we both had one goal in mind, work. When God isn't working fast enough in your life, it's usually because he is working in someone else's life that will impact yours. We found this to be true when it came to us meeting over a 4 year span and eventually ending up in Helena, MT.

I graduated college in December 2014 from Texas. I put my 30 day notice in at work, moved all my belongings into storage and Shawn (my son) and I left town to live with my mother in West Texas. It was about a week after moving when a new friend I had met told me about a job open in South Texas. This was the beginning of my small family travels and adventures over the next 4 years. It was the move to Oklahoma where I met Todd who was living in Kansas.
Todd was interning for a company his last two years in college and when he graduated in 2014 he took a role full time with them. At this point he had already lived in California and in Texas. After graduating he took an official job with the same company and came back to Texas, ironically the same location where I lived and went to college. We never met of course, because timing is truly everything. He then moved around and lived in multiple states and cities as well over the next 4 years.

It was May 2015 that I was put on the same job site as Todd. Todd was on a clear path, I however had no idea where I was going or would end up. "Faith is taking the first step when you can't see the whole staircase." (MLKJR). We met in May, and on June 18, 2015 Todd and I hung out for the first time at a cookout. There hasn't been a day that we haven't talked since. Years went by as we both continued our work travels but saw each other every month and remained committed. Every month moved to every week and on February 1st 2019 we moved in to our new home as homeowners. He proposed to me in our kitchen with our dog and son there to enjoy the moment with us.

It's been a very unconventional relationship throughout the years, but it's been the one we both needed. "...Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." (E.B.)