Our story begins under the big sky at my now husband's fire pit. My neighbors invited my son, Michael and I down for a fire to roast some marshmallows and make s'mores. It turned out that the fire they invited us over to was at their neighbor's house (Sean, my husband) who lived just far enough away I didn't even know he was there. We met that night, though I had heard his name many times throughout the years from my mother who has now passed and through a good friend who deployed with him. At first I thought he was the mean guy down the street who got after the kids for climbing trees and playing with sticks. Through a series of little events we started getting to know each other. Sparks flew and the rest is history.

When Sean asked me to marry him in September we had less than one year until we would have our summer wedding. It wasn't long until my best friend Tiffany said we better get busy finding a wedding dress. She told me what a wonderful experience she had at Linda's Bridal. I had never even tried on a wedding dress so I called Linda and asked her if I could come in and try on a dress before anyone came with me to try on dresses. I was so nervous and of course not having my mother here to be with me just felt a little off. Linda made me feel right at home and helped me get into some dresses and was so wonderful to work with. Tiffany and I came back later that day. There was no going back after I saw that beautiful lace dress. I ended up going to try it on one more time with my grandma and said yes to the dress! From the ordering and shipping during a global pandemic, alterations, veils and hairpieces, Linda with the extra mile with every detail.

We had our wedding at a friend's private ranch and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was a day that will forever be ingrained in my memory as one of the best days of my life.