Linda and her team of wonderful ladies were just amazing. No, that doesn't even cover it. My little story with Linda's Bridal began almost 6 months before I got engaged. My mother was sick, and was not going to be around much longer - and I knew that if I ever wanted to have this special moment with her that I needed to do it quick. On a two day notice, I called Linda to see if she could bring some dresses (any dresses!) to the hospital to try on for my mom. Without hesitation she did and boy did she pick out some of the most beautiful options.

I am so happy to have shared that moment with my family, but it was also a great moment shared with Linda. Then of course a year later when I was finally ready to do some real shopping, Linda picked up like our first time meeting was just the day before. Linda cared about every little detail, was so easy to talk to, and is a big part of my wedding memories.