Jeffrey and I met four years ago, we have a pretty funny and unique story but I like to think it was destiny (if you believe in that)! Where to begin!? My family and I moved to Montana from California spring of 2012. My dad worked for State Fund of California and the Southern California location was closing, so he had the option to relocate to any other state fund in the country. He always wanted to come to Montana so he let us know we were moving! Fast forward to August 2015 my dad unexpectedly passed away so we were in a position of having to move for financial reasons. The day of my dad's funeral we went to look at a duplex. The lady who showed it to us let us know that her son actually owned it and lived next door. She threw in there he was in his mid-twenties and very handsome!

Fast forward a couple months, we're living in that duplex and my mom broke the bar in her closet due to having too many things hanging (keep in mind this is decent sized walk in closet, needless to say she has way to many clothes. Shhh!) So she had to call our "mid-twenties, very handsome" landlord to come fix it. At this point I had seen him a couple times mowing the lawn or coming to and from work. Yes I'll admit I thought he was pretty cute! So he comes over one evening to fix the closet, like I said this was a decent size walk in closet so my mom is almost in the closet with our landlord asking him if he has a girlfriend, he says no, so she continues with "well you should ask my daughter out! She doesn't have very many friends here!" I'm standing outside the room listening, mortified! Why would she say something like that, he's never going to ask me out now! That night he messaged me on Facebook. We made small talk, asked about each other's hobbies, likes and dislikes and he to my surprise asked me out on a date! We've been together ever since!
The story doesn't end there; I said it was unique right! So rewind to 2014, a little over a year before I met Jeffrey. I was at my grandparents' house (they moved to Montana from California a year after us to be closer) my grandpa told me they were just about to go to a funeral. I asked him who's. They didn't know very many people in Montana. Well my grandparents and my dad are originally from Michigan, born and raised. So there was this man who my grandpa went to elementary, middle, and high school with, and then went on to work at General Motors for 30+ years with and he happened to come across his obituary in the Helena IR. After they both retired from General Motors they lost touch. Not knowing they both ended up in California at one point and then Helena, MT. So my grandparents went to his funeral and met the Grewett family (the daughter, her husband, and grandchildren of my grandpas long lost friend). They were shocked when they found out who my grandpa was, but they were honored he was there.

Fast forward back to Jeffrey and I dating we of course learned of this connection quickly and as we talked more about it learned how his family and my dad's family had all these intertwined connections over the years. What tied it all together for me was the day before my dad passed away, one of the last conversations we had was him telling me he wanted me to move on from my ex-boyfriend. He knew there was someone so much better out there for me.

Shortly after, call it destiny or a coincidence, I end up living next door to my now husband with all these crazy connections. Our story started back in the 1940s with our grandpas in Michigan, went to California where we were both born in the '90s, and ended up in Helena, MT with a wedding on September 7, 2019!

I can't thank Linda enough for all her AMAZING customer service! I didn't think I'd find a dress or even had options in Helena. I recommend Linda's to everyone I possibly can!