To start, this is not one of those "love at first sight" stories. In fact, it is the complete opposite. Brad and I met our freshman year at Rocky Mountain College. Even though we lived in the same dorm, we never actually met until we both happened to sign up for scuba class. We went through almost four months of this class until Brad finally mustered up the courage to talk to me while walking back to the dorms one day. Unfortunately, mostly because of me, it was not all sunshine and rainbows from there. Awhile after we first started talking, Brad asked me to be his girlfriend. He even did it in this grand gesture kind of way, and I said no. We decided to still be friends and continued talking a little through summer and then into sophomore year of college. Thankfully, he is almost as stubborn as I am, and never gave up on me. No matter the trials or tribulations that our friendship went through, we always came out of things still as best friends. It took me all the way until February 20 of that year to finally realize "I am in love with Bradley Drake." From there, I never looked back, and I knew that one day I would marry him. Fast-forward to August 26, 2018, it was my birthday, and Brad took me to Yellowstone for the day. We hiked to the lookout of a waterfall, but that wasn't good enough, so we hike to the bottom where we soon realized there was no access to said waterfall. Brad wasn't going to let that stop him, so he quickly found a large boulder near the river, we hopped up to take a picture, then he turned and proposed to me. Of course, I said yes! (The first time). Fast-forward again to August 2, 2019, the best, most fun, day of our lives. We spent months planning and many weekends putting things together for this very day. However, none of the work I, or anyone, did for this wedding can compare to what my mom did for it. I consider myself the luckiest daughter alive, and happily brag often about my mom being a seamstress. She has done alterations for (Linda's Bridal Images and) Mr. Tux since before I was born, and she had made Halloween costumes, Christmas and Easter dresses, matching outfits, and prom dresses for us kids. Now, she was up for the ultimate job of making my rehearsal dinner dress, wedding dress, six bridesmaids and eight (yes, eight!) flower girl dresses. She did all of this and more for my wedding, she is simply amazing. My wedding dress was truly the dress of my dreams, designed after a dress at Linda's Bridal, with modifications to make it just how I wanted. The flower girl dresses were the same pattern as one that I wore when I was a flower girl. Each dress was wonderfully made, and my mom truly added the most special touch to make the day as perfect as could be. I am forever thankful to Brad for never giving up on me, and my mom for all that she has done for me and our wedding. Our wedding exceeded every expectation I had for it. It was truly the most fun day of our lives.