Buck and I started out great friends. We asked each other for advice on life in general and helped each other through some tough times but the friend zone only lasted so long until he asked me out on a date. Both growing up in Helena, we knew a lot of people and so it was kind of like the country song about how we could only keep it a secret for so long until people started talking. Our love story may seem quite ordinary but the love we share is far from ordinary. We are 18 years apart and so for some that struck a red flag, but for us, it didn't even seem to be a thing. Our first date together was at Quinn's Hot Springs so we go back there every year. This last December 1st we decided to head there, but much to my surprise we had other friends and family and Buck's kids join also. At first I was kind of like, ok why are all these people coming to "our" thing. It all made sense later when he proposed. It was an absolute shocker! And to find out everyone knew but me was even better. Buck had even gone to my Dads job site to ask my Dad for my hand in marriage (What a guy).

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect, and I mean perfect!!! His two amazing kids stood up with us along with my two nieces. My gorgeous sister Sealey sang while I walked down the aisle to "When You Say Nothing At All." Since Buck's uncle was our officiant, I decided it was only right for us to write our own wedding vows. Much to my surprise and everyone else', Buck is a poet. I had no idea. During the ceremony I was talking about my now passed away Grandpa and an Eagle flew overhead and hung around until we all had left. With Bucks Dad being gone to heaven and my grandpa in our vows it was only perfect to have such a majestic bird fly over. We then had our reception at fox Ridge Golf Course with about 450 of our friends and family, and holy buckets was it a good time. We did the usual cake cutting and dollar dance but one of the most special things for me as a bride was I had the honor of singing to my husband. Surprises are something I always enjoy so singing to him "Valentine" by Martina McBride was such a joy to show him my love in a song. I couldn't thank Linda enough for such amazing help in picking out my perfect dress! I felt like a princess! The moment I stepped into her store I knew it was going to be a great experience. In my 29 years of living we continue to learn new things every day, but what I'm finding in my love story with my husband is that we should never take someone for granted and also start with love and gratefulness because at the end of the day, all you need is love!