We first met in 1994 and there was an instant spark that night. Tony had just moved back into Helena and I was in the middle of my senior year. We dated casually for a few months but eventually we went our separate ways. Life took us both in different directions. We always remained close friends and spoke often about everyday life. We decided to give us another chance at love in August of 2017, and what a whirlwind romance!

Everything just seemed to click and fall right where we needed it to. We decided to go all in, and my daughter and I moved in with Tony and his daughter on December 2nd 2017. We combined our lives together and it was honestly the most amazing feeling to have found that love we were both so desperately searching for, for so long. Things were amazing! Tony proposed to me on February 23rd 2018 where we had our first date. I had no idea he was going to!

We both cried and of course I said YES! Pretty much instantly, the wedding planning began! I found the perfect dress with my daughter and my mom with me. I said "YES" to the Dress at Linda's! This was a very special moment as my mom was able to come with. She has been fighting cancer, and I wanted her so badly to feel good enough to be there. She just keeps on fighting and I am forever grateful for her strength.

Tony and I planned "our" most perfect day together in just 6 months. We married on August 18, 2018. It was exactly our "perfect" day spent with our 2 daughters, family and our closest friends. The quote, "If you let it go, and it comes back to you, it was meant to be" is so very true. We have literally found the one with whom our souls desire. True Love will always wait~