Our Ruckin' Love Story

began on July, 11 2014.

I was separated from my friends and began looking around the room and spotted Scotty.

I walked up to him, sitting at table with all of his friends and said "I saw a cute boy with an empty seat so I just had to come say, Hello!"

Scotty offered to buy me a drink, and that's when the questions began.

#1. MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION- Are you a CATS fan or a Griz fan? He replies, "Go Cats!", things were off to a good start.

#2. What do you like to do for fun? He replies, "Go golfing and watch football." That's when I INSISTED he take my number and call me sometime to golf.

We left to go dancing and that's when i fell for Scotty, literally, I fell off the curb and onto the sidewalk. As he helped me up, this was the moment I "fell for him" and knew he was the ONE.

We spent 3 incredible years together making blue and gold memories and checking items off "R" Bucket List. Some of our favorite activities to do together are go to Montana State Bobcat games, golf and go concert chasing.

When Scotty FINALLY proposed at the big, CAT/GRIZ game on 11/18/17, there was no doubt the wedding would be BOBCAT themed.

Linda's Bridal went above and beyond to accommodate all of our blue and gold plans. The blue corset back and big blue bow on the back of my dress matched my blue diamond engagement ring perfectly.

The custom Jasmine brand bridesmaid dresses were a dream come true. I just might have to steal one from one of bridesmaids to keep forever, as I was jealous of how great they turned out!

I was also super impressed with how well the blue and gold tuxes just tied everything together perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better combination to match our wooden flowers and football boutonnières.

On July 21, 2018 we got Rucking wild at our Bobcat football themed, tailgate I Do's. Thanks to Bridal Images, our friends and family we had the most perfect wedding day. There was no blue n gold, bow, football detail that went untouched, it really was a dream come true.

Now we are enjoying newlywed life and returning to our special place (Bobcat Stadium) on Saturday's with our Caturday crew.