Frequently Asked Questions

What type of dress brands do you carry?

Wedding dresses - Casablanca, Beloved by Casablanca, Jasmine collection, Allure Romance, Wilderly by Allure, Moonlight Tango, Simply Val Stefani. Bridesmaids - Jasmine Bridesmaids

What is the average cost of your dresses?

Casablanca - $1200.00, Beloved - $800 Brides Maids $170.00

What sizes are available?

0-32 Custom sizes available as well

What is the average delivery time for an order?

Wedding dresses - 3 mos, JB Brides maids 14 weeks, Ada James 6 weeks

Do I need to make an appointment?

No but it makes your experience better

Do you accept returns?

No All sales are final

Can I just rent a tuxedo from you?


Do you offer accessories?

Yes, jewelry, head pieces, sashes, veils