September Featured Bride

HERE IS THE STORY OF Rachel & Brett:

HERE IS THE STORY OF Rachel & Brett:

Brett and I met in August of 2012, out with friends. We locked eyes proceeded with a little flirting and we were hooked. We were inseparable from that day on. In October of 2016 on a typical Sunday afternoon at home, with my dream rose and white gold ring in hand Brett asked me to be his wife.

Linda (very patiently) helped me find an amazing gown in my budget and that would flatter my 5ft frame. With my mom, grandma, sister and nephew looking on I walked out in this amazing dress they said my face lit up. I knew it was the dress but as always reluctant to make a decision and extremely indecisive I waited. I came in a few weeks later all by myself and Linda was happy to let me put it on again and Yes! I knew this was it. With a lot of work from Susan (sew fine), the dress fit perfect!!

The day finally came after months of planning, my mom and I's vision had come to life! A Shabby Chic Extravaganza of a wedding. With around 100 close friends and family looking on and my Uncle Mark officiating, Brett and I exchanged vows.

My best friend had just become my husband! I couldn't have been more excited and overwhelming with Joy!

Thank you to My Mom for all of her hard work and creativity!

My Dad and Denise for hosting the best day ever!

Justin Dauenhauer and Pam for capturing so many amazing memories.

And so many others to many to list.

Thank you for making The Best Day Ever possible!!